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With more than 400 million active websites online, the Internet is undoubtedly a big place…where it can be easy to get lost. If you have some time on your hands, this list is definitely for you.

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As common and obvious as they may seem, many of the technologies initially developed for Space are now used in many popular commercial products. We gathered here the most interesting ones.

Knowing each and every one of the existing websites is undoubtedly impossible. But with a little bit of research — and luck — it’s possible to find precious tools and websites that can make our life much easier.

Oeufs, Eye. By Lulu xXX. From makersplace

Considered to be the next frontier in computer-aided design, Generative design is a design exploration process that uses AI to create a wide range of solutions for complex problems as well as hypnotising works of art.

Yellow event. Courtesy of Sindroms.

With their annual printed magazine, monochrome exhibitions, food experiences, and omakase design boxes, Sindroms uses color to stimulate all senses and explore a plethora of emotions.

Copenhagen-based lingerie brand Moons & Junes is designed to fit all body types and make people feel confident in their own skin. Founder Agneta Bjerre-Madsen opened up to talk about the design process and the concept behind her brand.

“Diversity Illustration”. By Hope McConnell

If you are looking to change your assumptions about how interfaces and websites act across cultures, here you can find a great framework for designing the highly diverse web.

Illustration by Sua Balac

Designing digital products can be an impervious ground when it comes to choosing how to treat users’ information and sensitive data. Sketch’s Design Advocate Matteo Gratton discusses how to design, and choose, more ethical digital products.

Dropbox is one of the first companies to go Virtual First. Executive Editorial Director Tiffani Jones Brown shares insights and tips on staying effective, healthy, and creatively energized in this new era of work.

Image from Miro Blog

In the past year Miro has helped redefine what it means to work and be creative together. Learn how Miro is managing to meet the needs of their fast-growing community whilst fostering creativity and collaboration.

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Editor of DeMagSign, Head of Comms at Design Matters. Interested in design, society, and culture.

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