Oeufs, Eye. By Lulu xXX. From makersplace

Considered to be the next frontier in computer-aided design, Generative design is a design exploration process that uses AI to create a wide range of solutions for complex problems as well as hypnotising works of art.

Even though it has gained more attention in the past few years, Generative Design is not a brand-new phenomenon; people have been using it as far back as the 90’s, but it never had the level of use and application that it has today.

Generative Design harnesses the power of AI to develop high-performance and sophisticated design iterations that help solve complex challenges — e.g. reducing component weight — , optimising performance, making designs simpler, and assisting humans in the creative process.

The designer specifies and inputs in the generative design software all criteria for the design, based on different…

Yellow event. Courtesy of Sindroms.

With their annual printed magazine, monochrome exhibitions, food experiences, and omakase design boxes, Sindroms uses color to stimulate all senses and explore a plethora of emotions.

Every color has the ability to trigger different reactions in us and put us into different moods or states of mind when we are exposed to it for long — ultimately influencing the way we feel, the things we buy, and our behavior. Exploring the relationship between color and emotions is what Sindroms is all about.

Copenhagen-based lingerie brand Moons & Junes is designed to fit all body types and make people feel confident in their own skin. Founder Agneta Bjerre-Madsen opened up to talk about the design process and the concept behind her brand.

Moons & Junes is disrupting the traditional lingerie industry by developing underwear and supportive bralettes that are catered for all women — yes, all women! While offering elegant shapes and beautiful colors, this brand puts comfort first, providing garments that adapt to every woman’s body.

The brand, whose name comes from Joni Mitchell’s song ‘Both Sides Now’, is on a mission to improve the self-confidence of all women across the globe and include and represent them — with all their beautiful shapes and colors. …

“Diversity Illustration”. By Hope McConnell

If you are looking to change your assumptions about how interfaces and websites act across cultures, here you can find a great framework for designing the highly diverse web.

Cross-Cultural Design, by Senongo Akpem, is a useful and insightful guide for designers and whoever works digitally across cultures. This book guides you through a variety of design practices whilst providing practical examples and tips on how to design with more cultural awareness and in a more inclusive way. Moreover, it helps you reflect on your own biases and learn how cultures influence how societies work and how we think. …

Illustration by Sua Balac

Designing digital products can be an impervious ground when it comes to choosing how to treat users’ information and sensitive data. Sketch’s Design Advocate Matteo Gratton discusses how to design, and choose, more ethical digital products.

With more and more people using digital products, terms like data tracking or data collection, GDPR, cookie preferences, encryption, multi-factor authentication have become part of our everyday vocabulary. There is a digital territory where we exist and that we need to navigate. This not only implies that we have digital identities, it also means that we need to learn how to take care and protect them.

The companies creating the digital products we use every day should have the responsibility to design products that respect and protect users’ identities, data, and sensitive information. …

Dropbox is one of the first companies to go Virtual First. Executive Editorial Director Tiffani Jones Brown shares insights and tips on staying effective, healthy, and creatively energized in this new era of work.

Last year’s abrupt shift to remote work has dramatically changed the way many people work — marking the start of a new era that sees us rely more heavily on digital and virtual work. As a consequence, many companies were forced to adapt and find ways to help people and teams adjust to the change. Despite the sudden change in our habits, many studies have shown the advantages of working from home.

Like many companies, Dropbox decided to go fully “Virtual First” in 2021. …

Image from Miro Blog

In the past year Miro has helped redefine what it means to work and be creative together. Learn how Miro is managing to meet the needs of their fast-growing community whilst fostering creativity and collaboration.

The past year has taught us that people and organisations are more resilient when they come together. It’s not a surprise that Miro’s online collaboration tool has quickly become the no 1 collaboration & visualisation tool since the beginning of the pandemic.

Vlad Zely, Head of Design at Miro, shares with us how Miro has evolved and thrived in a global shift to remote-first work.

Vlad will discuss more in depth the future of work and how to design for it at Design Matters 21, which will take place in Copenhagen and online, on Sep 29–30, 2021.

If you’re looking for something that is more than simple feel-good aesthetics, look over here! You won’t be disappointed, we promise.

Today, we know that Feminism means much more than fighting for women’s rights only; Feminism also supports the rights for all gender identities and for many other vulnerable, underrepresented, and non-dominant identities. And social media has proven itself to be a fantastic space to connect, inform, learn, entertain, and spread messages that support inclusivity, equality, self-love, and body positivity.

If you’re looking for more Feminism in your Instagram feed, check out these 14 accounts we picked for you; they will definitely give you a lot of food for thought and show you how each of us can make the world…

John Dillermand literally means “John penis man”. He is the protagonist of a Danish animated series for children, which divided the country. In #metoo times, many wondered if kids should watch a show about a man who can’t control his extra long penis.

A list of things you should be aware of before moving to Denmark

Even though in Denmark people speak English better than in many other European countries, Danish is and still remains the first language. This means that you’ll have to learn Danish if you want to find a job there, especially if you work for a company that only operates in Denmark. Knowing another Scandinavian language helps a lot, since Norwegian, Swedish and Danish are quite similar to each other. However Danish is the language that will take you places.

Illustration from Dog town Media

AI outputs are fascinating, but lack empathy, creativity, and context. Because of this designers have the responsibility to design ethical frameworks that ensure AI’s won’t show harmful bias and that guard inclusivity in data and models.

Joël is a Product Designer at Adyen with a passion for AI and Machine Learning, Predictive UX, and anticipatory design. He recently wrote the ebook ‘Artificial Intelligence Driven Design’ together with a group of AI experts, where he dives into how to design meaningful experiences in an era dominated by AI-driven products & services.

We asked him to reflect on what excites him, as a designer, about working with AI, what Design Principles he applies to AI, and what ethical concerns designers should address when utilising AI in their design work.

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